‘Enders live episode details revealed?

22 10 2009


A suspected storyline centering around EastEnders live episode in February has been revealed today.

The live episode, broadcast from Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire on Friday 19 February 2010 will mark the popular soaps 25th anniversary.

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The best EastEnders episode this year?

2 04 2009

Walford weddings are always an excuse for some of the residents to get drunk and a secret is normally exposed in the middle of The Vic in front of everyone. Peggy and Archie’s wedding tonight ticked both of those boxes but an added twist made it one of the best endings to a storyline in EastEnders history…in my opinion.

The hour long episode we were all treated to last night began with the wedding prep, then the service and Peggy was doubting her choice of dress, mainly because it was completely the opposite to what Archie wanted her to wear. Cut to the church and Archie waiting nervously strangely enough. Maybe he thought Danielle might turn up. But she did not. She was waiting back at The Vic for Amy who she was planning on kidnapping. But as it happens someone got in her way in the form of Ronnie…

Then it was, “you’re my mother!” Ronnie did not believe the 19 year-old and Archie managed to manipulate once more but it was not to last. A locket tells so many stories in Walford and that was all Ronnie needed to realise Danielle was in fact her daughter. 

Next move…confront a drunken Stacey and find Danielle. Easier said than done, fair enough she found her at the tube station but nothing could have prepared anyone for what was about to happen. Just as Ronnie accepts Danielle, splat! Janine tears around the corner and runs Danielle over. In true Walford style at the very end, Danielle slips away and dies in Ronnie’s arms. It was a very dramatic and emotionally charged episode and the ending was devastating.

The acting tonight was outstanding with amazing performances by Sam Janus, Lauren Crace, Larry Lamb, Barbara Windsor and Lacey Turner. If they do not win an award for this I will be very surprised. Viewing figures I would imagine will be up as well. This was EastEnders and in fact television drama at its best and well worth the seven month build up.

One day to go…

1 04 2009



What To Watch – Friday 27th March

27 03 2009


John Simpson discusses his job on the front line (Source: Telegraph)

John Simpson discusses his job on the front line (Source: Telegraph)


In the first of a three-part run, war reporter John Simpson takes yachtsman Robin Knox-Johnston and explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes to one of the many places he has reported from and discusses his profession. This looks like a very interesting series as three very different but thought provoking professions are exposed in ways that we rarely see. What will the other two think of the dangerous situations Simpson has been in and what will they all have in store for one another when they discuss their professions?



Will Janine expose Ricky and Biancas secret? (Source: The Sun)

Will Janine expose Ricky and Bianca's secret? (Source: The Sun)


Tonight scheming Janine (Charlie Brooks) finds out that Ricky (Sid Owen) is Tiffany’s dad. But what will she bribe him with in order to keep it quiet, let her babysit for Tiffany (Maisie Smith) of course. The two begin to bond but when Bianca (Patsy Palmer) returns home and finds Janine babysitting she hits the roof. After all she did catch Tiffany being bundled into one of Janine’s clients cars last night, so I am not surprised. But with Bianca reading the riot act will Janine be able to keep quiet or will she blurt out Ricky and Bianca’s secret?



Will the families survive? (Source: Ricochet)

Will the families survive? (Source: Ricochet)

BBC ONE 9:00 PM 

A new four-part series follows families as they experience life away from home and their luxuries. Tonight the programme follows the Dyes family from Essex. They are stranded on the remote island of Anariki in the North Pacific. Will they be able to survive with the supplies they have, and will they be able to make a home out of what the island has to offer. I am sure some will crack under the pressure. It seems like a more up-market Shipwrecked to me.



Barbara and Larry discuss their fast approaching nuptials (Source: The Sun)

Barbara and Larry discuss their fast approaching nuptials (Source: The Sun)

BBC ONE 10:35 PM

Jonathan is joined by EastEnders actors Larry Lamb and Barbara Windsor who discuss their fast approaching wedding and the big reveal. Also joining Jonathan is the star of Kilimanjaro and Radio 1 Chris Moyles. Notting Hill star Rhys Ifans also drops in for a chat. Music comes from Pete Doherty. 

Peggy and Archie’s Wedding – EastEnders

7 03 2009
EastEnders BBC One Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday (Source: photobucket.com)

EastEnders BBC One Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday (Source: photobucket.com)

Sharon Marshall, Soap Queen on This Morning has written on her Twitter that Archie and Peggy Mitchell’s wedding in EastEnders is going to be iconic. They are expected to tie the knot early next month and have had their fair share of knocks so far. Thursdays episode saw Archie walk in on Peggy in her dress and her council campaign is getting in the way of her planning for what should be the happiest day of her life (even if it is her third marriage).

Larry Lamb plays such a good part as the demonic Archie and his new found friendship with Janine (Charlie Brooks) is going to make for compelling viewing. Will Peggy get her dream day or will Archie turn out to be another Frank. I am going with the latter.

Will Peggy and Archie make it up the aisle (Source: thesun.co.uk)

Will Peggy and Archie make it up the aisle? (Source: thesun.co.uk)

Marshall has also hinted that there is to be a big twist in a storyline soon. Could this be Ronnie/Danielle saga? I just wish she would tell her if I’m honest.

Also look out for new arrivals in the Square including, Edward Woodward, The Masoods estranged son Syed (played by Marc Elliot) and Syed’s girlfriend, Amira Shah (played by Preeya Kalidas).

You can also vote for EastEnders in The British Soap Awards which will be broadcast in May.